Thermal Oil Boiler

Heat oil to get high temperature, use the high temperature in industrial production. For thermal oil boiler, EPCB has coal fired thermal oil boiler, biomass fired thermal oil boiler, oil fired thermal oil boiler, gas fired thermal oil boiler, which the capacity is from 15x104Kcal/h to 1400x104Kcal/h.

High Efficiency

Safe & Reliable

High Quality

Short Installation Period

Thermal Oil Boiler

Coal/Biomass Fired

HCO Series

Capacity: 0.6MKcal/h, 1.2MKcal/h, 1.6MKcal/h, 2MKcal/h, 2.5MKcal/h, 3MKcal/h, 3.5MKcal/h, ≥5MKcal/h

Thermal Oil Boiler

Oil/Gas Fired

OQO Series

Capacity: 0.6MKcal/h, 1.2MKcal/h, 1.5MKcal/h, 2MKcal/h, 2.5MKcal/h, 3MKcal/h, ≥5MKcal/h


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