2.5T/h Straw Fired Steam Boiler in Serbia

In 2010, the professor of a Kasetsart University in Serbia, (the current president) was seeking to work together with our company to solve the problem of the direct burning in the boiler of the straw fuel because of our strong boiler design and production capacity.
We first set up a research group composed of our company technology team, Serbia University Professor, Chinese well-known university professors, together to do the consultation research. In one week, we have come out for this special boiler equipment design.
EPCB straw fired steam boiler solves the problem that straws can not be directly used for industrial boilers, which is generally considered difficult to solve. The straw, as the renewable energy can be directly returned to the field, and it can also be used for industrial boiler combustion, participating in the industrial supply of energy, and the ash after combustion can be returned to the farmland as potash fertilizer. The utilization ratio of the latter to straw is greater.
Excellent quality and perfect after-sales service of EPCB Boiler, let the user and overseas professor praise. And after that, they cooperated with us many times, gradually become the most trusted partners.

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