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Industrial Oil Hot Water Furnace

Industrial Oil Hot Water Furnace is vertical quick combustion three pass fire tube boiler. This boiler also has high and low water level alarm and automatic protection functions when it occurs extreme low water level, ultrahigh pressure and flameout. The type boiler has the advantages of compact structure, safety and reliability, simple operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

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Production Description

Gas Boiler

Industrial Oil Hot Water Furnace

Capacity: 0.1-2.1MW
Efficiency: >=92% 

Applicable Fuel:Natural Gas, LNG, Oil, Heavy Oil, Light Oil,ect. 

Application scope:Hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, supermarkets, garment factories, etc.

This type Industrial Oil Hot Water Furnace is the vertical combustion boiler. High temperature flue gas produced by burner scour furnace and thread smoke tube with interpolation spiral spoiler from top in turn, and then through the chimney from lower chamber into the atmosphere. 

The Industrial Oil Hot Water Furnace is equipped with movable front and rear lid, so that the boiler is easy to maintain. Boiler is equipped configuration technical performance good burner, adopting advanced technology such as automatic proportion adjustment of combustion, automatic regulation of water supply, automatic start and stop of program, automatic operation, etc., and having a low water level alarm and low water level, high pressure, automatic flameout protection function. 

The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, safety, simple operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

After-sale service

  • Service standards: First solve the problem, then clear the responsibility

  • Service policy:

      1 Three: the whole process, all-round, all-weather service

      2 Two fast: fast in place, quick troubleshooting

      3 One Ensure: customer satisfaction is maximized

  • The host boiler warranty of 24 months, 12 months warranty auxiliary

  • Provide lifelong maintenance service.

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Small Size Oil (gas)-fired Warm Boiler Parameter 

rated heat capacity kw6080120180230350480700230350480
rated heat power  Kcal/h5x1047x10410x10415x10420x10430x10440x10460x10420x10430x10440x104
rated working pressure MPa000000000.40.40.4
saturated steam temperature ℃85/6085/6085/6085/6085/6085/6085/6085/6095/7095/7095/70
design heat efficiency %>89>89>89>89>89>89>89>89>89>89>89
heating area m² 1.852.
boiler water capacity L126168222361371783.8818.91907571898930
flue diameter mm 160160160250250300300400250300300
feed water diameter DN40505065656565100506565
blowdown tube diameter DN5040505050505050404040
fuel consumptionlight oil kg/h5.7 7.9 11.5 17.0 22.6 33.5 46.0 66.8 22.5 34.5 46.0 
natural gas Nm3/h6.7 9.3 13.5 20.0 27.0 40.3 53.8 80.8 26.0 40.3 53.8 
liquid gas Nm3/h2.6 3.6 5.2 7.8 10.3 15.7 21.2 31.0 10.3 15.7 21.2 
coal gas Nm³/h15.0 20.8 30.2 44.9 60.5 90.7 121.0 181.5 59.0 90.7 121.0 
transportation weight kg200 260 300 450 520 850 920 1750 760 960 1100 
outlook size L mm640700700900900120012001450100012001200
W mm 58066066085085011501150140095011501150
H mm12801300160017501850195021502600197020602360
Notes:This form only for your reference,if any changed,please refer to Ex-factory technical documents.


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