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How many type of biomass/coal-fired boilers dust collectors?

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How many type of biomass/coal-fired boilers dust collectors?

When coal and biomass are used as fuel of industrial boilers, no matter whether they are fully burned or not, the flue gas will be more or less dusty. If they are discharged directly into the atmosphere without treatment, they will cause pollution.

If the factory does not meet the emission standards, it will be fined by the environmental protection department, and even face the risk of shutdown and rectification. So what type of biomass coal fired industrial boilers dust collectors can save money and efficiently remove dust? Let's have a full understanding.

There are three kinds of biomass coal fired industrial boilers dust collectors used most:

1.      Multi-tube dust collector

The multi-tube dust collector uses the centrifugal force of the dust to separate the dust from the flue gas, and the dust removal effect is very obvious. It can handle gas with high dust concentration (100 g/m3) and can effectively capture dust of 5~10μm. Basically meet the emission standards of most countries!

Multi-tube dust collectors are widely used, the price is relatively low, and the treated flue gas can also meet the standard. It is the preferred dust-removing equipment for biomass/coal-fired industrial boilers.

2.      Wet dust collector

The wet dust collector is a dust removal device that relies on hydraulic force to separate and collect dust particles. Among them, the FRP wet dust collector is used more. It uses the suction force of a high-pressure centrifugal draft fan to press the dust-containing gas into a water tank filled with a certain height of water, and the water bath will adsorb a part of the dust in the water. After a uniform split, the gas flows from bottom to top, while the high pressure spray nozzle sprays water mist from top to bottom to capture the remaining dust particles. The dust collector has high dust removal efficiency for dust particles with a particle diameter of less than 5 μm, and the service life is as long as 5 to 8 years.

3.      Bag filter

The bag filter is a dust removal device that uses a fiber woven or filled layer as a filter medium. When the dust-containing gas is taken from the lower intake pipe of the dust collector and enters the ash hopper through the deflector, the coarse dust will fall into the ash hopper due to the collision of the baffle and the gas velocity, and the other fine particles will follow the gas. After entering the filter bag chamber, due to the inertia, diffusion, blocking, hooking, static electricity and the like of the filter fiber and the fabric, the dust is retained in the filter bag, and the purified gas escapes out of the bag and is discharged through the exhaust pipe.

The bag filter is more efficient and operability is very good, but the price is relatively high.

EPCB's biomass coal fired industrial boilers dust collectors are generally selected from the above three types of dust collectors according to customer requirements, in order to help users save more procurement costs. If you have a need for a boiler or a dust collector, feel free to contact us!


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