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The Composition of Heat Conducting Oil Boiler System Price

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The Composition of Heat Conducting Oil Boiler System Price

EPCB, as a boiler manufacturer and supplier with 120,000 square meters factory, has been engaged in the manufacture and development of industrial boilers for more than 35 years. We have been customizing a more suitable boiler system for the user.

EPCB has been developing and producing hot oil boiler system for more than 20 years. It can be said that the quality and hot oil boiler system price have been comprehensively understood by EPCB. Next, EPCB will tell you what constitutes the hot oil boiler system prices.

1. hot oil boiler proper mainly depends on the internal structure of the boiler and the selection of steel. Selecting good steel can ensure the structural strength of the boiler, and good welding technology can ensure the stability of the direct link of the body structure of the boiler. The structure of the boiler is stable and the heating surface is large, so the temperature of the boiler can be raised quickly. You can save a lot of fuel!

2. If it is an oil/gas fired hot oil boiler system, we should to choose the brand of the burner. It is better to choose the world-famous brand burner. Although the price is relatively higher, its quality is more stable and reliable than the ordinary brand burner.

3. If it is a coal/biomass-fired hot oil boiler system, it is necessary to choose the types of grate, chain grate, fixed grate and reciprocating grate, and select different grate types according to the applicability of fuel. After choosing grate, the quality of grate raw materials is also very important. The quality of raw materials determines the service life of grate. If the raw material quality of grate is not good, the grate will often be burned out. Users need to replace the grate regularly, which is not conducive to the continuous industrial production of users.

4. High temperature circulating oil pump. The hot oil boiler system needs high temperature circulating oil pump to force liquid phase circulation, so once the quality of high-temperature oil pump is not high, it will cause circulation blockage, boiler coking, and other phenomena to a large extent, seriously affecting the safety of the boiler. Therefore, users need to be very cautious about the choice of circulating oil pumps.

5. High expansion tank and low oil storage tank. In the heating process of hot oil boiler system, high expansion tank and low oil storage tank are needed to stabilize system pressure and replenish oil to ensure the normal operation of heat conducting oil boiler system. Therefore, the price of high expansion tank and low storage tank is also an important part of the price of thermal conductive oil boiler system.

6. Economizers can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of boilers. According to the material and structure of economizers the prices will vary greatly.

7. Other auxiliary equipment. hot oil boiler system price needs to consider the price of each auxiliary machine and accessories. Each auxiliary machine is an important part of the system. No matter which one is missing, the system can not work properly.

hot oil boiler system price should be different according to the different needs of users. According to your unique needs, EPCB customizes different boiler systems for you, making them more suitable for your production requirements and comprehensive budget. According to your actual situation, EPCB configures a higher-end boiler system for you and helps you save more manpower, material and financial resources. Come and consult quickly.


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