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  • Q Burner calibration or adjustment

    A If need to correct or adjust the burner, it is necessary technical personnel to correct or we can operate? How to operate?
    Ordinary staff can not operate, the user can find technical staff in the local, the operator must have the qualification to debug and need to strictly install burner instructions; Besides, users should take good care of unpacking the burner instructions and small accessories etc.
  • Q What is the life of a boiler or burner?

    A In principle, the design life is more than 10 years, Actual life according to local water quality, power quality, use environment and operation level.
    Boiler body design life of 15 years or more, the combustion engine for 10 years. Strictly in accordance with the use of operating norms, their life can be longer. There is a boiler that produced by my company started in 1988, still safe and efficient use.
  • Q Will there be particle accumulation during the combustion process?

    A Fixed grate boiler manual deslagging; Chain grate boiler will be with slag removal machine ( Screw, scraper, frame chain etc.); All boiler type more or less have the dead space, there will be accumulation of particles, can only stop boiler to manual cleaning. Dust generated is strongly influenced by the fuel. According to the actual situation of the ash content of the fuel, the boiler should be stopped for six months or longer to check the ash.
  • Q What are your strengths?

    A 1. The auxiliary machine performs the European standard, even higher than the European standard. burner is a famous brand in Italy, electric control are SIEMENS accessories.
    2. Customized service:According to the different requirements of customers, different customer's environmental requirements, configuration to meet customer requirements of the boiler.
    3. Professional, the most efficient international marketing team and after-sales service team: engineers can provide installation and commissioning services, can also provide knowledge and skills training and training to the boiler operators in customers factory, until the workers have mastered it.
    4. Product design from Europe, and after several technical improvements and innovations: Belongs to large enterprises in the industrial boiler industry, the technology and production has very strict requirements, higher than the national standard.
    5. Complete and strict quality inspection system, including multi quality inspection procedures: Material inspection prior to storage ( To strictly audit the product suppliers, and make the physical and chemical tests on the purchased products); Product quality inspection process: Each quality inspection process will have responsible person and a detailed record, Some special parts will make a record on it (XX certification; The inspector nu. QC time etc.) Any link problems can be found in the relevant responsible personnel.
    6. International certification: European CE certification, ASME certification; ISO9001, China's most advanced certification (A-level certification) and so on.
    7. Located in Qingdao -- the world's seventh largest port, China's capital city, (7) port throughput, strong ability to freight.
  • Q What are the safety measures of the boiler?

    A Our boiler has multiple interlock protection and alarm device:
    1. Abnormal gas pressure protection: High or low gas pressure will generate alarm signal, And stop the ignition process;
    2. Abnormal wind pressure protection: Wind pressure is high or low will generate alarm signal And stop the ignition process;
    3. Leakage protection: If gas leakage, the alarm signal and stop ignition process, meanwhile start the safety cutting off system;
    4. Flameout protection: When the flame detection is turned off, generate alarm signal to stop ignition process;
    5. Boiler steam pressure is too high, generate alarm signal, if the pressure continues to rise to a high point, Emergency shutdown;
    6. When the boiler water level is low, the alarm signal, if the water level continues to drop to a very low level, then enter the emergency shutdown state;
    7. When the boiler failure or emergency stop signal is issued, it enters the emergency shutdown state;
    8. Flue gas over temperature: When the flue gas temperature exceeds the set value, sound and light alarm;
    9. Power-off protection: When the external power supply suddenly cut off, then enter the emergency shutdown state, When the power must be restarted, the boiler can run;
    10. Blower protection: When the fan motor phase and overload, the thermal relay will act, cut off the power supply of the fan and enter the emergency shutdown state.

  • Q What are the corresponding equipment to ensure environmental protection?

    A The burner uses three types of environmental standards (130mg, 80mg, 30mg)
    The boiler is designed with low nitrogen and high efficient heating surface layout
    A variety of desulfurization and dust removal equipment (multi tube dust removal, glass fiber reinforced plastic desulfurization and dust removal equipment, bag filter, electrostatic dust removal)
  • Q Have you included all the materials for the installation of the boiler?

    A The equipment we provide is generally made up of 4 schemes:
    1. Full price includes all the boiler body, auxiliaries, auxiliary material, all installation materials.
    2. Only the price of boiler body and auxiliaries equipment.
    3. Modular type (device prizing type) complete sets of equipment prices.
    4. The price of boiler body, auxiliaries and partially installed material.

    Customers can choose the right plan according to their actual situation
  • Q Do you have any wearing parts of your boiler? Are they free of charge?

    A Yes, we have. Our engineers will make a list of wearing parts for you, and handed over to you to confirm. The boiler equipment is generally equipped with free parts, then, if the customer needs more, we will take the factory price to provide customers with the wearing parts.


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