EPCB Product Quality Assurance

Main Standards of Implementation

In each procedure of product design, manufacturing and inspecting, EPCB all strictly conform with “Industrial Boiler Technical Specifications” (NB/T47034 version), “Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Regulation” (TSG G0001 version), “Steel Pressure Vessel”(GB150 version), and “Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulation”.

Quality Management System

According to the rules from “Boiler Design, Development, Manufacture and Service(version ISO9001:2000)” and “Pressure Vessel Design, Development, Manufacture and Service(version ISO9001:2000)”, we have created “Requirements of Quality Management System”, and compiled and practiced “Quality Management Manual”.



Following the principle of holding certificate to mount guard in manufacture

Every process in quality control is made strictly in accordance with the relevant national manufacturing standards and the relevant technical documents compiled by the technical personnel of our company, so that the size standards of each related part can be effectively controlled within the scope of the relevant national manufacturing standards. In this way we can surely effectively control every related geomatric dimentsion standard within requested scope of China.In welding, our company adheres to the principle of holding certificate to mount guard. All welding seams are welded by certified welders according to welding technological documents. And the quality of the welding seams is checked (X – ray flaw detection) strictly according to the relevant national standards under the precondition of qualified appearance.

Strictly following the “Three According” and “Three Inspections” regulation in manufacture

In manufacture procedure, we strictly follow the “Three According”(according to the drawing, according to the technology, and according to the standard) and “Three Inspections”(Self inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection) regulation. Meanwhile, our experienced on-site inspector will carry out strict supervision and inspection on the process of production, and measure and accept each process in time. It is strictly forbidden to turn into the next process if the process is not qualified. The on-site inspectors strictly observe the inspection procedures in accordance with the inspection procedures stipulated in the “Boiler Quality Assurance Manual” formulated by our company and file the related inspection records.

Quality control for raw materials and accessories

Manufactures of raw materials, outsourced parts, bought-in components must have related qualifications and provide product quality certificates. Raw materials must be reinspected according to related requirements of the national standard before entering the factory.

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