Bangladesh Inspection Centre Visited EPCB

Bangladesh Inspection Centre Visited EPCB

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Bangladesh pot inspection office


In November 2016, National Special Equipment Quality Testing Institute of Bangladesh visited EPCB Boiler, some main engineers from this institute make an on-the-spot investigation and study about our factory and our products. Because as a large market for our boiler, there has been many boiler customers in Bangladesh and EPCB has been more popular in this country. During the installation and commission in one of our local customer’s factory, the organization found us and asked if they can visit our factory and make some study. Of course, we agreed. In fact, this is the first time that Government Boiler Organization come to visit Chinese boiler factory, so it is very honored for us.

When they came to China, EPCB Boiler offered the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to them. And engineers from Bangladesh visited and learned our boiler production process including raw material inspection before entering factory, raw material cutting blanking, bending, assembling, welding, testing, building arches, outer packing, painting and so on. We also took them to visit our boiler users in Qingdao. They fully approved the quality of our boilers and thought that the prospect of EPCB boiler would be very good in Bangladesh through this visit. They said EPCB will be a reliable brand in the world very soon.

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