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Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Thermal oil boiler use coal as fuel, with heat conducting oil as medium, using hot oil circulation pump to force the media liquid circulation, the heat transfer to the thermal equipment and then returned to the heating furnace.

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Production Description

Coal Thermal Oil boiler

Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Capacity: 300Kcal-2200Kcal
Efficiency: >=92% 

Applicable Fuel:Coal,ect. 

Application scope:Hextile mills, garment factories, supermarkets, garment factories, etc.

Organic heat carrier boiler is a special boiler model called thermal oil boiler, low pressure, high temperature characteristics, the heating temperature can reach 310 ℃ in liquid phase. For those who need the uniform and stable heating, various occasions and does not allow the process of direct flame heating and heating temperature between 150-310 can use this type boiler.

Thermal oil boiler use coal as fuel, with heat conducting oil as medium, using hot oil circulation pump to force the media liquid circulation, the heat transfer to the thermal equipment and then returned to the heating furnace.

Performance advantages

1. low pressure high temperature thermal medium, convenient adjustment, uniform heating, meeting the precise process temperature.

2. Liquid circulation heating, condensing emissions of heat loss, high thermal efficiency of heating systems.

3. Changes in the working medium heat and heat release and temperature fluctuation on the volume of compensation within the system of technical measures.

4. Cyclic heating strictly control air working medium, water and other low volatile content and technical measures.

5. The gas oil thermal oil boiler increases the heat transfer area, strengthen heat transfer, not only meet the heating furnace after the free expansion, but also enhance the stability of furnace.

6. The gas oil thermal oil boiler’s smoke tube with thread structure, strengthen the heat transfer effect, reduce the convection heating area of the boiler arrangement, compact structure.

7. The gas oil thermal oil boiler use imported burner control with good performance, to achieve fully automatic operation.

8. The gas oil thermal oil boiler has a wide range of fuel application, with all kinds of flammable liquid or gaseous fuels.

9. A high degree of automation, stop the rapid, safe and reliable operation; high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong load adaptability; compact structure, small size, less occupied area; auxiliary small, simple and convenient installation, short installation period; fuel combustion, pollutant emissions, environmental protection index to reach high. Therefore, it is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution, green environmental protection products.

Application Field

1. Rubber Industry--Vulcanized rubber heating.

2. Plastics Industry--Plastic shells, extrusion shaping.

3. Food Industry--Cooking, drying, oil refining plant

4. Paper products Industry--Multilayer board, carton drying, drying

5. Forest products Industry--Polyflor board, plywood, fiberboard and heating type.

6. Chemical industry--Oil chemical industry, polymerization, reaction tank, distillation, concentration.

7. Textile industry--Resin molding machine, dyeing machine, drying chamber, high temperature machine, drum machine

8. Other--Heating, metal plating bath coating condensation, drying, pharmaceutical industry distillation, concentration, dehydration and reduction

After-sale service

  • Service standards: First solve the problem, then clear the responsibility

  • Service policy:

      1 Three: the whole process, all-round, all-weather service

      2 Two fast: fast in place, quick troubleshooting

      3 One Ensure: customer satisfaction is maximized

  • The host boiler warranty of 24 months, 12 months warranty auxiliary

  • Provide lifelong maintenance service.

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YLL Type of Vertical Chain Grate Coal-fired Thermal oil Heater

ModelYLL Type of Vertical Chain Grate Coal-fired Thermal oil Heater
Rated thermal powerKW70010001200140018002400300035004000460060007000
×104 kcal/h6080100120160200250300350400500600
Designed thermal efficiency(%)≥75
Rated working pressure (Mpa)1
Max.operating temperature (℃)350
Thermal oil capacity (m³)0.610.780.971.121.872.493.654.565.256.17.528.1
Circulating oil Capacity (m3/h)6080100100160200200200230250300400
The main thermal coal caliber (㎜)100125125150150150200200200200250250
System-wide installed capacity (KW)28393939707095100106130175190
Design fuelⅠ、Ⅱ、Ⅲclass soft coal

Maximum transport sizeL438546854685468559245924703070307630774088609280
Net weight (t)10.0214.6515.5515.9518.4422.8228.4133.7341.3247.9357.5374.48
Weight with full oil (t)10.8915.0616.4716.8519.8127.3234.2137.8246.5253.2364.1882.23
Chimney diameter        (㎜)340400400400500500500645645645700700
Notes:This form only for your reference,if any changed,please refer to Ex-factory technical documents.


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