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Energy Saving 50 Kg Electric Hot Water Boiler

The automatic electric heating Boiler is the ideal Hot Water source for the clothing washing industry, food processing industry and laboratory. This product has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, and is easy to use, etc. This applies to all the units which have the need of low pressure and Hot Water.

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Production Description

Electric Hot Water Boiler

Energy Saving 50 Kg Electric Hot Water Boiler 

Capacity: 0.05-2 Ton
Efficiency: >=92% 

Applicable Fuel:Electric. 

Application scope:Hextile mills, garment factories, supermarkets, garment factories, etc.

Performance advantages

This series of products is made up the furnace gallbladder, heater, water cycle system, control system, shell five major components.

Heating element is completely submerged in water, so the thermal efficiency is very high. The stainless steel high-pressure gear pump to supply water. During this process needn't to stop heating or decompression, and time is short, does not affect the steam pressure.

At the same time control system with water shortage alarm automatic stops water heating. As long as Connect the power and water, start switch will automatically work. After 15~20 minutes can supply steam. Refer to the structure diagram.

All the main parts of function introduction

1. The boiler body:It is a boiler pressure parts. What it can withstand the pressure can be found on the factory brand. Electric heater is located in the top or lower-middle part of the boiler.


2The heating tube: electric heating tube is the heating equipment of boiler. Within the prescribed time, it heats the water into steam by thermal conversion.


3Electric cabinet: electric cabinet is located in the front of the boiler is,and is the heart of the boiler. It has the following functions: automatic feed, automatic heating, automatic protection and low water level alarm, overpressure protection, leakage protection.


4Water pump: The pump is boiler feed device. When boiler lack water or has no water it can automatic filling water. In the back of the pump there are two check valves to mainly control the boiler water reflux. The main reason of occurrence boiler hot water flow is the check valve failure. Should be timely replacement of check valve, otherwise the boiling water will wash out the water pump seal, resulting in water pump leaking.


5The pressure controller: It is a kind of electromechanical conversion device which pressure signal, is converted to electrical switch signal. Its function is to output switch signal in different pressure conditions. When the product is out from the manufacturer factory it has been adjusted in the proper pressure.


6The water level electrode: It is an important part of the boiler water level control. It uses the different electrical conductivity of water and steam to realize the automatic control of the water level.


7The relief valve: It is the boiler safety protection device, when the boiler is turned on, for a variety of reasons getting the set pressure it can’t stop. In more than pressure, safety valve will automatically open, discharge pressure, and reduce the pressure in the boiler, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the safe operation of the boiler. In order to prevent the valve of the relief valve disc and seat sticking, pull relief valve and ascend handle termly, and make exhaust test. Every 2 or 4 weeks should be elevated pressure and make exhaust testing, to check the function of safety valve.


8Drain valve: It is installed in the bottom of the boiler. It can ruled out dirt entirely from boiler with no more than 0.1 MPa pressure. 

After-sale service

  • Service standards: First solve the problem, then clear the responsibility

  • Service policy:

      1 Three: the whole process, all-round, all-weather service

      2 Two fast: fast in place, quick troubleshooting

      3 One Ensure: customer satisfaction is maximized

  • The host boiler warranty of 24 months, 12 months warranty auxiliary

  • Provide lifelong maintenance service.

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Electric Steam Boiler
rated heat capacity kw367514414421636072010801440
rated steam capacity0.
rated working pressure MPa0.40.4/
Power x class number  Kw x n12x315x524x624x624x924x1524x3033x3224x60
saturated steam temperature °C154154/170154170154/170170184184184
Designed thermal efficiency(%)≥98
rated operational voltage V~ 380 V
mode of connectionthree-phase three-wire system
Steam caliber  DN202540404050656580
Inlet Diameter DN202525252525404040
safe vavle diameter DN2540404040402x402x404x40
blowdown valve diameter DN254040404040404040
Boiler Weight  Kg160220420486500/ 55019802245 /230026004000
outlook size length m 7008901180112012202450245028002500
width  m4707009609709801700180020002000
height m125013101470152015201700200020502300
Notes:This form only for your reference,if any changed,please refer to Ex-factory technical documents.

Note: This is simple parameters for reference, if you need more please add my skype: epcbsale27 .


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