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EPCB tells you what you will get by using a biomass-fired boiler.

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EPCB tells you what you will get by using a biomass-fired boiler.

Biomass-fired boilers are more and more widely used in industrial production. Why is that? Let's get to know it!

The second industrial revolution is the advent of the steam age. The exploitation and application of a large number of energy sources, such as coal and oil, have accelerated the development of society.

The third industrial revolution is the arrival of the electrical era. The use of electric energy has accelerated the development of society.

In many fields, coal and oil have been playing an irreplaceable role. However, they are all non-renewable resources. The reserves of coal and oil are getting lower and lower, and the prices are getting higher and higher. In some places, even a stable supply can not be obtained. Many great scientists have been struggling to solve the energy problem.

In this regard, a lot of changes have taken place in the boiler. In the past, coal-fired boilers can no longer only burn coal, but also can burn grain husks, biomass particles, coconut shells and so on. This kind of boiler is called biomass boiler.

Biomass is a renewable resource with many kinds and wide sources. After a little processing, it can be directly used as fuel for boilers without even processing. And the ratio of biomass price to calorific value is much cheaper than oil, gas, and coal in many countries. So such a country is more suitable for burning biomass boilers.

Biomass boilers can solve the problem of combustible industrial waste treatment perfectly. The recycling of raw materials can save a lot of energy costs for factories. However, some harmful gases produced by combustible waste need to be treated before they can be discharged into the atmosphere to avoid environmental pollution.

Chain grate and fixed grate are commonly used in biomass-fired boilers. Chain grate is suitable for small biomass, such as biomass particles. Fixed grates are suitable for large biomass such as wood.

With the progress of the times, the biomass-fired boilers produced by EPCB have been constantly reformed and innovated. Now it has undergone four generations of changes, burning more fully and equipped with more advanced equipment for emission treatment. There is no need to worry about the problem of substandard emissions.

EPCB has been certified by many standards in the world. The steam boilers, hot water boilers and heat-conducting oil boilers produced by EPCB have been recognized by users.

If you need to buy a boiler, you might as well look at EPCB, I believe you will not be disappointed!


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